Pet Food

Product description

  • Flat Bottom Stand-Up Pouch
  • Stand-up Pouch
  • 3-side Sealed Bag
  • Back Sealed Bag
  • Side Gusset Bag
  • Paper Laminated Bag
  • Rollstock Film







We understand Brand Recognition is especially important in the Pet Food industry. Not only the product has to be top quality, the packaging design must be eye catching and expressive. All these factors affect the purchasing decision of the pet owners.

Before, Paper Bags and Paper Carton Boxes were predominantly the packaging in the market. However, the print graphics on Paper Packaging were not that eye catching because of the paper print production. Further the product shelf life was short unless the product was pre-bagged in a poly bag. All these packaging added extra time and cost to the pet food manufacturers. Over the years, the pet food market has evolved. Flexible Pouches have now become the primary choice for Pet Food manufacturers. A good Pet Food package should be able to Protect, Sell, and Enhance the value of the products inside.

Protect: Our Pet Food Pouches are Stronger and have Good Tear Resistance. The Multi-Layer film substrates increased the tensile strength of the poly film when laminated together. However, we go an extra mile to make all our Pet Food pouches withstand a one-meter drop test. This is to make sure all our pouches will not break when accidentally drop from the display shelves. Our factory constantly researches the market to find new materials to meet our customers' requirements.

Sell: Our Pet Food Pouches are Eye-Catching because it is printed on a 9-color print press using 175 line screen Rotor Gravure print plates. These are solid metal print plates, not the 125-line screen polymer plates used by most local printers. That is why our print graphics are eye catching and the print colors are vibrant.

Enhance: Our Pet Food Pouches are laminated with one or two layers of High Oxygen Barrier film substrates. These multi-layer film substrates keep your Pet Food fresh just like the day you packed it into the bag. It also extends the shelf life of the product beyond a paper bag can offer. That is why more and more Pet Food manufacturers are switching over to Flexible Packaging.

First Genesis/Sunflower also offers Kraft Paper Laminated Pouches and Look-a-like Paper Pouches which has the same look and texture like a paper bag but is made from poly film substrates. These pouches have the same qualities as above poly pouches but looks like a paper bag. Give us a call if you need more information.

First Genesis/Sunflower understands that pet owners want their pets to have the best quality pet food. We are here to help Pet Food manufacturers create a packaging to meet that challenge. Our factory has the knowledge and the experience to take you through the process; no matter you are big or small pet food manufacturer. We are here to help.