Processed & Frozen Food

Product description

Packaging Seafood and Meat products require much vacuuming and freezing. We make Freezer Grade laminated pouches that can be vacuumed and stored in freezer at temperature as low as -30C/-22F. We also have the knowledge and experience making pouches to pack shelled products like oysters, lobsters and crabs. These types of products require the packaging to be puncture resistance. Some processed meat products contain spices that will penetrate and break the lamination layers of the film substrate and thus decrease the shelf life of the products. We have the knowledge and experience to produce a Spice Grade film substrate to prevent this from happening. Our Spice Grape pouches are widely used for packaging Sausages and Beef Jerky. The following are some of the film substrate we can produce for you.

  • Strong and Flexible film substrate for Seafood and Shell fish.
  • Spice Grade film substrate for cured meats.
  • Dry Laminated or Co
  • Extruded Multi-Layer film substrate.
  • Medium to Extremely High Barrier film substrate
  • Flexible and Semi-Rigid (laminated with APET or PVC) thermoforming film.
  • High Oxygen Absorption film substrate
  • High Barrier property Aluminium Foil film substrate

  • Flat Bottom Stand-Up Pouch
  • Stand-up Pouch
  • 3-side Sealed Bag
  • Back Sealed Bag
  • Side Gusset Bag
  • Paper Laminated Bag
  • Rollstock Film







In addition to the above, we can produce pouches with a See-Through Window. This allows you to showcase your products inside. Our proprietary film structure provides a Crystal Clear See-Through Window, Low Oxygen Transmission Rate and Excellent Barrier to protect your products.

Our factory uses Rotogravure Printing Plates instead of Polymer Printing Plates to print all our pouches. The difference is print quality. Our Printing Presses print on 175 Line Screen compares to most North American Printers using Polymer Plates printing at 125 Line Screen. That is why our printed bag quality is much sharper, images are much clearer, and the colors are much more vibrant.